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Get the highest quality drinking water with Reverse Osmosis Water Filters, a time-honored and reliable method providing superior results quickly. You have likely heard the term “reverse osmosis” many times as you research the water filtration options for your home. Will reverse osmosis provide the necessary protection for your home’s drinking water supply?

Determine if your home needs a reverse osmosis system. Find a technician to outline the cost benefits of each type of system available.

At Boulden Brothers, we regularly help people in greater Wilmington make the right decisions about their water treatment systems. Do you need help with researching or installing something? Give us a call now. We can provide you with more information about our services.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Work?

Osmosis is the process of molecules and ions passing through a membrane wall. It is the most advanced form of filtration on the planet. It occurs naturally in everything from plants to the cells that make up our bodies.

But how does it work in your water filtration system? A reverse osmosis system needs two separate pressure systems. One side of a semi-permeable barrier will have higher pressure than the other, usually because of the debris and salts in the unfiltered water.

The debris, chemicals, and salts are left behind when the liquid passes through the barrier into the lower pressure chamber. Water is a much more readily transferred molecule than almost anything else. It is smaller, and it is more straightforward.

Reverse osmosis water filters are expensive because it takes a lot of pressure to reverse the natural osmosis process above. Because the pure water wants to flow into the impure water, you must apply pressure to change the process. As a result, it creates perfectly pure water. It requires not only energy but a series of finely crafted filters.

What are the benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Water Filters?

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems have become increasingly popular. Discover the multitude of benefits that this water treatment offers your family. We’ll provide all the facts to help you decide whether reverse osmosis suits you.

  • Highly effective – Advanced reverse osmosis water filters are a highly effective system that removes contaminants. Get the purest drinking water and protect yourself from hazardous pollutants such as sodium, sulfate, calcium, mercury, lead, and arsenic. Our system is up to 98% effective at removing these elements – far more than a simple charcoal filter alone.
  • Energy efficient – Reverse osmosis water filters are among the most powerful and efficient water purification methods without electricity. A stage Reverse osmosis system is an economical and practical option for providing clean drinking water in your home. The reverse osmosis system contrasts with distillation, which requires heat from electrical energy to work correctly. Reverse osmosis is the better choice for clean drinking water.
  • Provides clean water on demand – With distillation, you’ll always be mindful of the process as you must regularly fill the tank. On the other hand, a reverse osmosis water filters replacement can provide clean water on demand with little user oversight.
  • Removes minerals – Reverse osmosis system filters are typically used to provide clean drinking water on a residential level instead of softening the general home’s supply of H2O. However, they must partially replace traditional methods, such as softeners, in eliminating hardness and scale-causing minerals. They contribute significantly towards reducing them beneficially.
  • Save you money – With reverse osmosis systems, you can see significant savings on your living expenses. Forget pricey, bottled water. Using a filter for your tap will give household drinking water the same quality at much lower costs. This system could save households hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually, depending on how often it’s frequently used.
  • Better-tasting food – Enjoy meals with a tastier, cleaner flavor by purifying tap water through reverse osmosis water filters. Removing minerals and impurities guarantees that cooking with this system will result in food tasting as intended rather than being altered by contaminants. Get ready for delicious flavors made safe and easy.

Choosing A Reverse Osmosis System For Your Home

A standard water filter can often provide similar results to a reverse osmosis system. But for the smallest particulates and salts, only the reverse osmosis membrane filter inside a RO system will be effective.

A water softener can reduce the complexity of your water supply. However, softened water adds salts that are not beneficial for your health. Therefore, installing a reverse osmosis system is essential.

Excess sodium in your drinking water can create an osmotic reaction, leading to dehydration and other health issues. For this reason, you must remove the salt, and reverse osmosis is the only sure way.

Reverse Osmosis Installation

When it comes to purchasing a tankless Reverse Osmosis System, take many factors into account. Do extensive research to get the best system for your unique needs and budget beyond relying on salespeople or website descriptions about high-end systems.

However, when you call Boulden Brothers, you will receive honest advice from one of our water filtration experts. We have worked with Wilmington metropolitan area residents for years to provide reverse osmosis water filters installation, service, and repair.

When we visit your home, we’ll provide information on labs available for water testing. We determine what particles and chemicals are in your drinking water. We can then check for water softeners and whether or not you need a system advanced enough to remove those salts. Or if a more detailed, kitchen-based water filter would be sufficient for your home.

The last thing you need to worry about is your home’s drinking water filter system. Call us today to ensure it is safe and clean and will continue for years. We also offer acid neutralizers and iron removal services for your water supply line in Newark, DE.