Solar Water Heater Installation Newark DE

Solar Water Heater Installation Newark, DESolar Water Heater Installation Newark, DE

Boulden Brothers proudly offer comprehensive Solar Water Heater Installations in Newark, DE. If you’re interested in alternative energy sources, a solar water heater installation is an excellent place to start.

We provide Up-Front No-Surprise Pricing on Solar Water Heater installation. The price you agree to is the final price of installing your new Solar Water Heater.

Give yourself a comfortable winter season with the Boulden Brothers Solar Water Heater services. Our clean, screened, trained, and trusted Solar Water Heater installation Plumbers promise not to leave any stone unturned.

Solar Water Heater systems are relatively inexpensive compared to having an entire solar energy system installed. They can provide reliable, nearly free hot water for your whole house.

For these reasons, a solar water heater is the first alternative energy system many homeowners have put in. Choosing a solar hot water system doesn’t have to be daunting. There are several straightforward options available that can fit your needs.

Making an informed decision on a Solar Water Heater installation is the key to finding your home’s ideal energy solution. Investing in efficient and effective solar heating can benefit your wallet and the environment.

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What is a Solar Water Heater?

Supplementing conventional hot water systems with solar energy is an increasingly popular way to heat water without straining your wallet. Access to electricity and gas heating solutions is no longer a guarantee. Solar energy is an ideal solution for those living off the grid. Solar systems provide hot showers and laundry loads that rely solely on the power of sunlight hitting their panels.

Harnessing the sun’s power means drastically reducing your yearly hot water expenses. Make daily tasks like washing up, cleaning kids, and doing laundry more effective with the power of solar energy. Enjoy hot water without breaking your budget.

An average home with a standard electric water heater contributes 3 tonnes of carbon emissions yearly—more than the annual CO2 output of an average car. Solar hot water systems can make a real difference in household carbon footprints.

They reduce annual emissions levels by up to 2 tons. Reducing annual emissions is an effective way for individuals and families to support the preservation of our planet.

How do Solar Water Heaters work?

A solar water heating system is a clean way to heat your home’s water. You can use the sun’s naturally occurring thermal energy and feel good about reducing your carbon footprint.

Advanced technology allows these solar heating systems to include a collector, storage tank, heat exchanger, and controller system. Use optional gas or electric backup units so you never have to worry about running out of hot water again.

Solar-only models are the perfect choice if you’re looking for an entirely independent lifestyle. These systems provide a powerful energy source that requires minimal maintenance and upkeep to keep running.

Does a Solar Water Heater work on cloudy days?

Yes. Solar water heaters are an ideal way to save energy and reduce emissions. However, their efficiency is dependent on conditions. Cloudy days can reduce the effectiveness of this energy source. Requiring a supplement from more traditional sources to meet hot water demand.

What are the types of Solar Water Heater Collectors?

When selecting a collector for your installation, it’s essential to consider the site’s cost implications, sun exposure, and climate. Different shapes and sizes are available to meet these individual needs – helping you get optimal performance from your system.

  • Evacuated Tube Collectors – Evacuated tube collectors offer an effective way to maximize efficiency in any climate. This innovative design draws its inspiration from insulated water bottles. It is constructed with an inner layer of glass or metal-containing the liquid. It’s enveloped by vacuum insulation that effectively preserves energy and temperature.
  • Flat Plate Collectors – Looking for an economical way to heat water with solar power? Flat plate collectors are a great choice. You may maximize efficiency by selecting the ideal solution based on your location. If your region doesn’t see a lot of sunlight, consider exploring other energy sources.
  • Batch Collectors – Batch water collectors are the least common solar water heater systems available. However, in some cases can be a practical choice for households with low hot-water demand. Even the savviest efficient strategies can be rendered ineffective in cold climates. Tempering valves significantly reduce temperature but cannot generate hot water when temperatures drop.

Does a Solar Water Heater have a backup system?

Even on cloudier days, your home can still be supplied with hot water – thanks to our dependable backup system. Your solar water heater comes with a gas or electric powered alternative that will kick in without enough sunshine. A gas or electric powered option ensures you always have heating for showers and washing.

With a backup system, you can stay worry-free. Knowing that your electric or gas heating unit can step up when needed. It ensures an ample hot water supply even on the cloudiest days, allowing continuous enjoyment regardless of the weather.

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What are the types of Solar Water Heaters?

There are multiple types of collection systems for solar water heater installation. The most common, however, is a flat plate collector placed either on your roof or on another acceptable south-facing surface. You want to ensure no trees or buildings will stop the sun’s rays from reaching your collection plate.

There are also two basic options for collecting heat from the sun to the water. One method is direct, whereby the water circulates through the collection plate. The direct method allows for a direct heat transfer and is considered the simplest solar hot water installation method.

  • Direct Hot Solar Water – Direct solar water systems harness the sun’s power to heat your home’s supply. With no transfer fluids, it is an affordable and efficient way to warm domestic water. However, its mechanics requires additional insulation in cold climates for reliable performance.
  • Indirect Hot Solar Water – Indirect solar hot water systems are an effective way to heat water, even in cold climates. Utilizing a specialized system of heat exchange pipes, thermal energy from the sun can be collected and stored. Once there, this warm energy creates running hot water for applications or purposes. These closed-loop systems have greater efficiency than direct ones and can withstand freezing temperatures.

Since Newark regularly experiences below-freezing temperatures for part of the year, you should look into an indirect water heating system. These solar water heaters use eco-friendly antifreeze to transfer the heat from the collector to the storage tank.

Antifreeze isn’t affected by cold temperatures the same as water. You don’t need to worry about your pipes freezing or your hot water supply being interrupted mid-winter.

What are the Benefits of using a Solar Water Heater?

With an ever-growing focus on renewable energy, many people are considering investing in solar water heaters. This incredibly efficient option comes with plenty of perks, from cost savings to environmental benefits and beyond! Before you decide if this type of heater fits your lifestyle or property, let’s look at some key advantages it offers.

  • Free Energy – Investing in a solar water heater allows you to use free energy and significantly lower your monthly electricity bill. Households experience an average reduction of 50% or more in water-heating costs. When living in abundant sunshine, savings may be up to 90%. Take the first step towards saving money and prepare for a lifetime of free energy.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint – Investing in a solar water heater enables you to use free power. It can significantly lower your monthly electricity bill. Households experience an average reduction of 50% or more in water-heating costs. When living in abundant sunshine, savings may be up to 90%.
  • High Efficiency – Harnessing the power of nature to heat your home’s water is more efficient than ever. Heating your H2O from nothing but sunshine is the right step to efficiency. Skip a step and use this innovative technology for direct solar-heated water.
  • Less Space – Solar water heaters are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to benefit from solar power. Much more efficient than traditional panels, these systems typically only require one or two meetings. Solar Water Heater installations from Boulden Brothers is an ideal and efficient solution.
  • Less expensive than solar panels – With solar water heater panels, you can leap saving energy and helping the environment for less! Investing in these efficient alternatives to traditional PV panels will benefit your wallet and reduce emissions. So why resist? Make that impact today and get a Solar Water Heater installation with Boulden Brothers.

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