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Boulden Brothers guarantee that households can access the most essential yet often overlooked commodity: clean and safe water. Our Water Treatment services offer your home various benefits. The benefits include hassle-free cleaning and bathing to delicious meals cooked using purified H2O.

Don’t let tap water be an afterthought. Keep peace of mind by providing only the best for your family. Nothing is more important than the cleanliness and safety of the drinking water in your home. Dirty pipes can put your health at risk.

Dirty pipes allow harmful particulates, debris, and metals to enter the water system. Protect yourself from these contaminants with regular pipe maintenance for drinking, bathing, and cleaning water.

A full-fledged water treatment system can be an excellent solution for water quality concerns. It can effectively ensure the continuous flow of pure and debris-free H2O.

Do you want to learn more about water treatment systems? Or are you ready to have a trained Plumber install one in your home in the greater Wilmington & Dover, DE, area? If so, call Boulden Brothers! We provide a full range of top-quality products, services, and installation plans for homes across the region.

Types Of Water Treatment Systems

The first thing you should do when considering a water treatment system is to decide. Which type is best for your home? From small to large, every home can enjoy water treatment systems tailored to fit their needs. Water Treatment systems ensure the highest level of protection for their drinking water.

The first and most common treatment system is for drinking water alone. You have probably seen the simple pitcher or faucet-attached filtration systems you can buy from your local department store. These systems allow you to filter the water directly before you drink it.

Water filters require regular maintenance and should be replaced every 3-5 weeks for optimal performance. That is why a tap water filter can be a perfect solution for your home. A tap water filter is installed beneath your sink just ahead of your tap. This system will ensure every ounce of water you drink is purified before it reaches your lips.

Acid neutralizers raise the pH of your water to within the normal range. There are several great products on the market right now. The specifics of your situation will dictate to a great degree which is right for you.

While water consumption is an important consideration, we must also be mindful of the sources and quality of our hydration. What about the water used to wash your clothing or that comes from your shower?

A more extensive water treatment system, installed at the source of your water supply, will provide a much greater level of protection for your home. From sediment and sulfur filters to water softeners, we have a full range of options to ensure the water you drink is potable and tasty.

What are the benefits of a Water Treatment System?

At Boulden Brothers, we’re dedicated to offering families access to the most essential and often overlooked resource: clean water. Our Water Treatment services are designed with convenience – from effortless bathing and cleaning solutions for your home to tasty meals prepared using purified H2O.

Don’t settle for anything less; give yourself peace of mind by providing only the best possible solution for your and your family’s needs today.

  • Safer Water – Enjoy peace of mind from safe, contaminant-free water! By utilizing advanced treatment processes, you can trust what is in your glass and enjoy a refreshing drink without worry.
  • Water taste better – Wave goodbye to unpleasant water and say hello to pure, refreshing hydration. Water treatment works hard, so you don’t have to – enjoy clean, crisp-tasting H2O daily.
  • Better Plumbing – If you’re facing diminishing water pressure and slow drainage, mineral deposits building up in your plumbing system could be the culprit. Water treatment can help restore effectiveness, keep your pipes working optimally, and ensure a smooth-running home.
  • Save money – Stop spending a fortune on bottled water. Invest in a reliable home water filtration system and enjoy clean, great-tasting H2O for just pennies per gallon. Your wallet will thank you at the end of each month as your hard-earned money stays right where it belongs – with you.
  • Remove contaminants – Without an advanced water filtration system, we may unknowingly consume dangerous lead and other contaminants. The insidious nature of these toxins can cause irreversible damage to our bodies and minds over time with no immediate signs or symptoms in sight. Modern technology protects us against this unseen hazard by ensuring daily access to clean drinking water.

Diagnosis Of Your Water System

Before installing a complete water treatment system, you must know your home’s problems. Different filters protect you from various contaminants, so it is essential to understand what affects your supply the most. We can come to your home and test for iron, hardness, acidity, chlorine, chloramine, and total dissolved solids.

After the testing phase, we can sit down with you and lay out the best options for your home. We’ll help you understand what will provide the best potential solution for your family regarding clean and safe drinking water.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a total water softening and filtration system can be, especially when compared to the cost of buying bottled drinking water week after week. For more information about water quality in your area, visit https://www.ewg.org/tap-water/whats-in-yourwater.

Making The Right Choice For Your Family

Tap water contains many dangerous contaminants, such as toxins and even lead. These pollutants can severely impact your health — from cancer to digestive issues. Fortunately, with the help of advanced water treatment systems, these elements are safely removed for clean drinking that’s good for you.

When it is time to call to protect your family’s drinking water, contact Boulden Brothers and learn why our Wilmington & Dover metropolitan area water treatment technicians are the most trusted around.

Understand your water’s risks accurately and take corrective action without draining your wallet! We’ll show you how. Call us today to learn more about our full range of water filtration products and services.

Products We Install

Honest Water Filter Logo
The Honest Water Filter Company is the first of its kind in residential water treatment. Unlike traditional water systems of the past, the Honest Water Filters do not require electricity, nor do they use ANY additional water.
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Novo’s Total Home Protection Systems soften water while removing unwanted chlorine and chloramines from your water. Add an Aqua Flo QCRO for bottle quality water at your tap and UV for added protection.

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Call the expert Plumbers at Boulden Brothers for your Water Treatment system and Plumbing repair or emergency services. The Boulden family has been committed to delivering timely service by trained professionals you can trust for over 76 years. Our well-trained Water Treatment team isn’t done till you’re delighted.

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