Acid Neutralizers

Acid Neutralizers Newark, DEAcid Neutralizers Newark, DE

Enhance the look of your water and banish unpleasant stains with Acid Neutralizers explicitly designed for your Newark home. When you think of acids, you probably think of harsh chemicals, corrosives, and cleaners. But did you know that your drinking water can be acidic too?

Acidic water is a severe problem and one you should pay attention to. Fortunately, with proper testing and treatment, your home drinking water can be safe again.

Acid neutralizers raise the pH of your water to within the normal range. There are several great products on the market right now. The specifics of your situation will dictate to a great degree which is right for you.

The first step, however, is to determine whether or not your water is acidic and its actual pH level. Boulden Brothers are the best place to call for water testing in the greater Wilmington, DE, area.

We’ve specialized in water testing services for years. Our plumbers have access to all the latest testing equipment and tools on the market.

We also carry a range of acid neutralizers. If you have a problem with the acid levels, we’ll put a system in place to correct it.

What are the benefits of Acid Neutralizers?

Keep your water supply healthy and safe with an acid neutralizer Water Treatment system. This non-invasive solution uses natural minerals like calcite (calcium carbonate) and magnesium oxide to neutralize acidic water. They raise the water pH level of contaminated water. Ensuring it never has a chance to corrode pipes or threaten your health.

Routine maintenance is simple, requiring no more than one technician visit annually for refilling purposes. Significantly less expensive when compared to dealing with damage caused by low PH levels.

An adequately maintained acid neutralizer benefit includes:

  • Prevents contamination – Keep your water safe and healthy with acid neutralizers. A powerful tool that can help reduce the possibility of heavy metal contamination. Protect yourself and those you love – invest in an acid neutralizer today for your home water treatment.
  • Reduce costly repairs – Regularly maintaining piping can help save you from expensive repairs, ensuring long-term efficiency and peace of mind.
  • Drinking water tastes excellent – For a crisp drinking experience, utilize acid neutralizers for optimal flavor results.

Problems Caused by Acidic Water

Acidic water can be more than just a nuisance – it can wreak havoc on your clothing, skin, and hair, as well as impact appliances and plumbing. The effects of unbalanced tap water go beyond what we can see and taste by profoundly impacting how you cook your food.

Ensuring the proper pH balance of this everyday household necessity provides optimal health benefits for drinking purposes and protects vital components around the house from damage over time.

Acid corrodes. If acidic water travels through your plumbing system regularly, it will wear away the lining of the pipes over time. Contaminated water from broken pipes can permeate your home’s supply, presenting a severe health hazard. Ensure the utmost safety and security by making sure that all plumbing damage is taken care of immediately.

Acid is a problem if your pipes are soldered together with lead, which was allowed until 1986. If the acid comes in contact with the information, it can easily break it down and cause it to enter your drinking water supply.

Acid Water Warning Signs

You’ll notice blue-green stains around your drains and fixtures if you have acidic water. The stain is the residue of copper from your copper pipes and is the easiest way to tell that the pH of your water may be unbalanced. You should also suspect acidic water if your copper pipes develop pin-hole leaks or if your water tastes somewhat metallic.

Water Testing & Treatment

If you suspect your water is too acidic, quickly acting is essential. In the Wilmington metropolitan area, Boulden Brothers are the company to call to handle this situation. We’ll send someone out to test your water and determine how to remedy the situation.

We carry a wide range of acid neutralizers and can have one in place for you in no time. So call us today to learn more about improving tap water quality and getting rid of acid for good. We also offer iron removal services from you water supply line.