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Heat Pump Repair Newark, DEHeat Pump Repair Same Day Service Newark, DE.

Boulden Brothers is committed to providing top-notch heat pump repair services to residents of Newark, DE. Our experienced Heat Pump technicians use the latest tools and techniques to conduct all repairs quickly and accurately. 

We strive to offer our customers the highest level of service, with prompt attention to their needs and transparent pricing plans. We provide Up-Front No-Surprise Pricing on heat pump repairs. The price you agree to is the final price of repairing your Heater.

Give yourself a comfortable winter season with the Boulden Brothers Heat pump services. Our clean, screened, trained, and trusted heater technicians promise not to leave any stone unturned. 

Put your trust in us for the ultimate comfort of a perfectly functioning Heat Pump unit. Rest assured that we’ll arrive when promised and get it right – the first time.  

How do you know if your Heat Pump needs repair?

Is your electric bill skyrocketing? Are there strange smells or sounds coming from the heat pump? Does it seem like it’s cycling more frequently than usual and not maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home? If so, call our experienced team today – these are all potential signs that something is wrong with your system and might need a Heat Pump Repair and services.

  • Unusual Smell – Don’t let musty odors or sulfur wafting from your heat pump shroud your home in an unpleasant scent. Regular heat pump maintenance and air duct cleaning can help prevent mold growth on the evaporator coils. At the same time, a sulfurous smell is an urgent warning sign of a gas leak – call a Boulden Brothers professional for assistance immediately.
  • Strange Noises – Heat pumps can make various sounds, but rattling and squeaking noises, in particular, should grab your attention. Rattles could mean some parts are not securely fastened, while squeaks may signal that something is wrong with the pump.
  • Uneven Heat Distribution – Is your heat pump not providing consistent warmth? It could be due to a clogged air filter. Over time, dust accumulation can reduce airflow and lead to uneven distribution of hot air – resulting in some rooms being too hot or too extraordinary.
  • No Heat or Cool Air – Suppose your home isn’t cooling or heating correctly, despite the correct thermostat setting. In that case, our technicians can identify and fix potential issues with your heat pump’s vent cover, evaporator coils, air ducts, or air handler. We make sure to use parts compatible with your specific unit model for a successful repair.
  • Short-Cycling – Are you experiencing your heat pump switching on and off quickly? Don’t let it ruin the comfort of your home: our specialists can identify whether a clogged filter, thermostat problem, fan malfunction, or valve defect is to blame. Get in touch with a Boulden Brothers technician for expert assistance.
  • Higher Energy Cost – Proper maintenance is vital for a heat pump’s performance – without it, dirt and corrosion can rapidly cause its efficiency to decline. Unfortunately, these issues can also lead to an unexpected increase in energy bills.

What causes a heat pump to stop working?

Malfunctioning heat pumps are caused by many frustrating factors, such as faulty thermostats and fan settings, blocked registers or air ducts, torn belts, dirty coils, and clogged filters can be signs of that a Heat Pump repair is needed. Don’t let your system suffer in silence – promptly address any of these common causes.

  • Malfunctioning Thermostat – A reliable thermostat is necessary for your heat pump to perform appropriately. If it stops working or needs recalibration, you may need a pro to check the power box and reprogram it.
  • Improper Fan Setting – Check your thermostat settings if you lack cool or warm air. Often the cause is incorrect fan control—if it’s left in “ON” mode, your heat pump will run even when it doesn’t need to. Switching back to AUTO can help regulate temperatures and give you what you want.
  • Clogged Registers – Clogged registers can quickly rob your home of its heating power. From carpets to couches, everyday items are often the culprits behind blocked airflow. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect all vents and registers during maintenance visits, ensuring no objects obstruct the flow of warm air into your living space!
  • Dirty Coils or Fan – Keep your heat pump’s coils clean and performing at their best. Neglecting to remove dirt, dust, and grime can lead to a buildup that impedes heat transfer. We recommend cleaning your coils every few months to ensure long-term optimal functionality.
  • Broken Belt – Is your heat pump not pumping air? If its motor runs but the blower isn’t doing anything, it may have a broken belt. Let us inspect and rectify any issues with this inexpensively – fast. It could be a sign that a Heat Pump repair is needed.
  • Clogged Filter – A choked air filter can trouble your heat pump. The system could become too hot without sufficient airflow and shut itself down. To keep things running smoothly, don’t wait – replace that clogged filter with a new one today.
  • Loose Parts – Is your heat pump rattling? Excessive noises signal that some parts are loose, so let us look and get everything tightened up. Heat pumps make sounds as they cool down or warm up due to the metal components contracting and expanding – but if something is extra noisy, it’s worth checking out.

Is a Heat Pump repair worth the money?

Before you decide whether to repair or replace your heat pump, consider how old it is and the extent of the repairs needed. An inexpensive fix might be worthwhile if your unit is younger than ten years old and still has a warranty/service contract in effect. 

However, keep future issues in mind – if there’s a likelihood more costly heat pump repairs will be necessary soon, replacing may prove worthwhile overall. Get personalized advice from our experienced HVAC technicians at Boulden Brothers – contact us now.

Let Boulden Brothers do your Heat Pump Repair.

At Boulden Brothers, we go above and beyond to ensure the comfort of your home is always a priority. The Boulden family has been committed to delivering timely service by trained professionals you can trust for over 76 years. Our well-trained Heat Pump repair team isn’t done till you’re delighted. 

That’s how we’ve earned so many five-star Heat Pump repair reviews from your neighbors. Schedule an appointment today with one of our expert technicians. 

Boulden Brothers believe in building lasting relationships. That’s why our clean, screened, trained, and trusted professionals arrive when promised—and do only the work needed for an up-front, no-surprise price.

It’s why we say, “You Call. We Come. It’s Fixed. Guaranteed.”