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Water Conditioning – Newark DE

Nothing is more important than the cleanliness and safety of the drinking water in your home. Particulates, debris, and metals that build up in your pipes or get missed by city filtration can find their way into the water you drink, clean with, and bathe in. For those who worry their water is not perfectly clean or that outside debris might be making its way into the pipes, a full water treatment system may be needed.

Whether you simply want to learn more or you’re ready to have a trained technician install a water treatment system in your greater Wilmington & Dover, DE area home, give Boulden Brothers a call. We provide a full range of top-quality products, service, and installation plans for homes across the area.


Types of Water Treatment Systems

The first thing you should do when considering a water treatment system is to decide which type is best for your home. There are multiple sizes and types designed to provide varying levels of protection for your water.

The first and most common type of treatment system is for drinking water alone. You have probably seen the simple pitcher or faucet attached filtration systems you can buy from your local department store. These systems allow you to filter the water directly before you drink it. However, the filters generally only last 3-5 weeks and they must be cleaned regularly. That is why a tap water filter can be a perfect solution for your home. Installed beneath your sink just ahead of your tap, this system will ensure every ounce of water you drink is purified before it reaches your lips.

But drinking water is not the only water to be concerned with. What about the water used to wash your clothing or that comes from your shower? A larger water treatment system, installed at the source of your water supply, will provide a much greater level of protection for your home. From sediment and sulfur filters to water softeners we have a full range of options to ensure the water you drink is potable and tasty.


Diagnosis of Your Water System

Before you can install a full water treatment system, you must first know what problems your home has. Different filters protect from various contaminants, so it is important to know what affects your supply the most. We can come to your home and test for iron, hardness, acidity, chlorine, and chloramine, and total dissolved solids.

After the testing phase, we can sit down with you and lay out the best options for your home. We’ll help you understand what will provide the best potential solution for your family when it comes to clean and safe drinking water. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a full water softening and filtration system can be, especially when compared to the cost of buying bottled drinking water week after week. For more information about water quality in your area visit: https://www.ewg.org/tap-water/whats-in-yourwater.


Making the Right Choice for Your Family

When it is time to make the call to protect your family’s drinking water, contact Boulden Brothers and learn why our Wilmington & Dover metropolitan area water treatment technicians are the most trusted around. We will help you learn exactly what risks your water currently poses and what you can do to fix it without breaking the bank. Call us today to learn more about our full range of water filtration products and services.

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