Springtime! Time for an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Keep your HVAC unit running smoothly, use less energy, and stay cool this summer with a routine HVAC maintenance and air conditioning tune-up.

time for an air conditioning tune-up

Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune-Up in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Contact us. Don’t try  conducting your own air conditioning tune-up no matter how many Youtube videos you’ve seen! Give us a call and schedule your annual HVAC maintenance check-up before the hottest days of summer come. A professional is needed to prevent damaging your air conditioner and to ensure that it’s properly maintained.
  2. Always schedule for spring. We highly recommend you schedule your HVAC tune-up in the spring. You’ll avoid a major breakdown during the summer, when the temperature is at its peak. Like any other complicated machine, routine maintenance will keep your system running more efficient for longer.
  3. Know your basics. Here’s a quick checklist to go over with your HVAC contractor when they arrive:

• Check for proper refrigerant levels

• Check all electrical components and controls

• Clean evaporator and condenser coils

• Check oil motors

• Calibrate thermostat

• Check the condenser

• Check, clean and/or replace furnace filters

Just like a car, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance. Your service technician will clean what he finds dirty, such as your coils, and perform any needed repairs. Regular tune-ups can save hundreds of dollars in repairs annually.

For some quick air conditioning tune-up tips:

  • Change your air filter every month to help unit run at peak efficiency.
  • Keep thermostat away from any heat sources for accurate measurements.
  • Set thermostat as high as possible. For every 1 degree you raise the thermostat, energy and costs decrease by about 3%.
  • Keep windows, drapes, and shades closed while the sun is out to reduce solar heat gain.

For even more air conditioning tips and tricks, see our other blog posts:



Don’t get caught in the heat; know your A/C is ready to work before you need it! Call Boulden Brothers to schedule your A/C tune-up today!\

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