Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance TipsThe average lifespan of a properly maintained air conditioner is between 10 and 12 years. A number of factors play into its lifespan, but regular air conditioning maintenance is by far the biggest one. By following these guidelines, you can rest assured your unit has a better chance of survival.
Also, if you have not scheduled annual air conditioning maintenance with a professional, you could lose out on any warranty claims you may have. Most warranties are only valid if the system has been maintained to a certain standard, including periodic filter changes.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Here are some ways you can keep you warranty, improve your indoor air quality, reduce wear and tear, and increase energy efficiency:
1.)  Change Air Filters Regularly
Dirty air filters greatly reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency; they are the leading cause of air-flow inefficiencies. When gone unchanged, they cause your air conditioner to work harder, shortening the life span of your unit. Additionally, a dirty air filter increases your unit’s wear and tear and severely compromises your indoor air quality (dust, dander, spores, and other allergens).
Because of filter variation you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on when to change them out; however, most experts recommend that you change your filters out every month.
2.) Place Barriers Around Your Air Conditioner
Your first instinct might be to place bushes and shrubs around your unit; however, they reduce airflow to it. A better option would be to place a fence around your unit, as it will keep dogs from being able to urinate on it. Dog urine is very acidic and can eat away at your air conditioner. If you decide bushes and shrubs are better for you and your home, keep them at least 18-24 inches away from your unit.
3.) Schedule Regular Tune-Ups
Just like a car, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance. Your service technician will clean what he finds dirty, such as your coils, and perform any needed repairs. Regular tune-ups can save hundreds of dollars in repairs annually.
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