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Electrical Panel Replacement – Newark DE

Panel upgrades keep you powered for life

Outdated electrical systems are a way of life in too many older homes. If your panel still uses fuses, stop reading and schedule a panel upgrade estimate now. If your panel is over 25 years old, schedule a panel upgrade estimate now.


Why do you need a panel upgrade?

Your lifestyle demands more power from the electrical grid than ever before. Big screen televisions, high-power appliances, high-end computers, all require more power than older systems can safely provide. The fact is, electrical panels aren’t typically upgraded until there’s a problem.

Indicators that you need an upgraded panel:

  • Circuit surge
  • Lights or bulbs flickering
  • Tripping breakers or blown fuses
  • Crackling or buzzing sounds from electrical panel
  • Scorching or discoloration of electrical panel
  • Use of multiple extension cords
  • Existing non-grounded outlets and wiring
  • New construction or new appliances
  • Addition of a hot tub or a sauna
  • Additional 220v circuit
  • Use of high-load electrical equipment
  • Recent addition of a sub-panel
  • Required accommodation for a home generator
  • Need higher Amp incoming Service
  • We make panel upgrading easy for you


Here’s what you can expect:

A Boulden Brothers licensed electrician evaluates your panel and your power use to determine if a new panel is needed. He’ll then provide you with upgrade options including our up-front, no-surprise price. Naturally, we won’t start work until you approve and we’re not done until you’re delighted. That’s because the Boulden name goes on everything we do.

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Boulden Brothers believes in building lasting relationships. That’s why our clean, screened, trained, and trusted professionals arrive when promised—and do only the work that’s needed for an up-front, no-surprise price. It’s why we can confidently say “You Call. We Come. It’s Fixed. Guaranteed.”


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