Why Homeowners Make Better Decisions With a No Sales Pressure Guarantee

One of the core values that we have is to treat everyone’s home as if it belonged to our mother or grandmother. The bottom line is, we would never recommend something that isn’t in the client’s best interest. Because our focus is to make sure we help homeowners meet their goals, we have a no sales pressure guarantee.

Make Informed Decisions

When people ask us about higher efficiency equipment, one of the steps we will go through is to explain the savings you’ll obtain from the higher efficiency and compare it to the additional cost involved in buying the equipment. We will also go through a repair vs. replacement analysis. There are many times when we will recommend that the system be repaired, but there are also times when the system is becoming old and replacement parts are more difficult to find. If the system is less reliable and less efficient, we will likely make a recommendation to replace it. This knowledge will allow you to make an informed decision without being put under any pressure.

If a homeowner does want to choose high efficiency or ultimate efficiency equipment, we’ll be happy to help. However, we won’t try to make suggestions for items that you don’t need. Whether you’re considering a conversion from oil to gas, gas to heat pump, or whatever the case may be, we make sure the entire process is pressure-free and easy. Ultimately, in order for clients to be happy, they must select the system that’s best for them. It’s our job to work with clients to makes sure we’re meeting their needs in the home, and not just to put pressure on them to go with the item that we think is best.

Clear, Consistent Pricing

There aren’t many companies founded in 1946 that are still in business today. The ones that have stood the test of time realize that there’s only one chance to do things right. That’s why we aren’t just going to give you a price written on the back of a napkin. It’s always going to be a complete proposal explaining what we will do and how we will get it done. There will be absolutely no room for surprises. Additionally, everyone gets the same price because we have a published price book that clearly shows every size of equipment we offer and how much every item costs. We don’t scale our prices based on what kind of car you have sitting in your driveway.

Contact us to see how well our no sales pressure guarantee will work for you. It never hurts to find out all the facts you need to make an informed decision. Give Boulden Brothers a call or contact us online.

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