When To Call an HVAC Technician

There are some common situations when it’s a good idea to call an HVAC technician. Here are a few to consider:

Routine Maintenance

You should call an HVAC technician to perform maintenance on a regular basis. If you look in the owner’s manual for the heating equipment installed in your home, you’ll see that the manufacturer suggests routine maintenance, especially if the system is under warranty. Just like with the oil changes for a car, an HVAC manufacturer will void the warranty if maintenance isn’t performed. Routine maintenance is important for the longevity of the system, to make sure it is operating efficiently, and so the manufacturer can’t void any warranty claims.

Although manufacturers may not state an exact timeframe, we recommend that you perform maintenance on the heating and cooling system once a year. We could do it in two visits, separately in spring and fall, or we can do both the heating and cooling system at the same visit to save you from having to take more time off work (which many of our clients prefer). This routine maintenance is covered in our club membership.

Proactive Component Replacement

Sometimes a minor component failure can lead to a major component failure later on. Because many components in an HVAC system (like contractors or ignitors) are susceptible to failure, we can check them out and make sure that they are operating within specified levels. By proactively replacing these items, your system will be more reliable, have a longer life, and be much safer to operate.

Strange Noises

One way to determine that a component is operating incorrectly is if it’s making a strange noise. It helps to pay attention to the regular sounds that your HVAC system will make during the course of a day during heating or cooling season. If the system is making an abnormal sound, it could be a red flag indicating that something is wrong and repair is needed. Remember, HVAC systems won’t fix themselves over time. Getting us out quickly can save you money from having to spend more on a larger ac repair.

Energy Bill Fluctuations

If you have a heat pump that isn’t operating correctly, the electric resistance heat will kick on immediately. Even though it’s 100% efficient, it is very expensive to operate, so you will notice a drastic increase in energy usage. Air conditioners usually experience a very gradual decrease in efficiency, so it will be much more difficult to see its impact in the energy bill.

Thermostat Alerts

Thanks to improved technology, newer thermostats now allow homeowners to be alerted that something is starting to operate outside of specifications. Pay attention to what these thermostats are saying, and call an HVAC technician if anything is out of the ordinary.

What To Do Before Calling a Technician

Regular filter replacement is critical to the proper operation of an HVAC system. Restricted airflow will damage the system and drastically reduce its efficiency. Make sure you are replacing the filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Before calling a technician, you might want to make sure that a breaker hasn’t been tripped in the basement and that the batteries in the thermostat are still in good condition. According to code, all houses must have an emergency switch. For most homes in our area the switch is located at the top of the basement stairs. Make sure that nobody has hit that emergency switch because it will shut off power to your system.

If you’re facing one of these common situations and you need the assistance of a professional, give us a call or contact us online.