What it Actually Takes to Live Up to a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee starts with the core value that we treat everyone’s home as if it belonged to our mother or grandmother. We do that because we want our clients to know we have their best interest at heart every time. If we don’t leave a client completely satisfied, we’re going to make it right, and that’s one of the things that makes Boulden Brothers unique. Lots of other companies have a concrete guarantee—it’s good right until they leave your concrete driveway. We’ve been in business and going strong for 72 years because we stand behind our work, 100%. Every time someone from our team visits a home, they understand the level of care, commitment, and concern we have for our clients.

Who We Hire

In order to back up our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we can only hire the best people. Everyone must understand and live our values. It’s very difficult to reach the level of team that we’ve put together, but we accomplish this by training on a regular basis several times a week. You’ll see it reflected across the entire Boulden Brothers team. Not only do we hire people with a great attitude and the skills to do the job, but we also take it a step further. We do a drug test and criminal background check on everybody we hire because we want to be comfortable with everyone that we send to a client’s home. We want to be completely sure that you’re going to be safe, secure, and happy with the work we do.

Vendors We Work With

We only deal with vendors that stand behind their products (just like how we stand behind our work). There are many great brands out there, but the important part to consider is, does a dealer (like us) have the clout to get the distributor or wholesaler to make it right if you ever have a problem? We’ve been in business since 1946, and we have some longstanding relationships with the manufacturers of many of the products we carry. They like working with us because we treat them with the same respect that we give to our clients.

Membership Plans

When we’re in a home, we’ll offer membership plans for those who want to have regular maintenance performed on their system along with priority service and discounts on future repairs. It’s a great way for homeowners to find someone that will remember to do maintenance on the system so it will last as long as possible and operate as efficiently as it can. It fits right alongside the 100% satisfaction guarantee to make sure clients are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Contact Boulden Brothers and ask about our 100% satisfaction guarantee if you’re thinking about getting an estimate for your house. You can reach Boulden Brothers by giving us a call or contacting us online.