What is the Boulden Buddies Club?

Buddies make everything better. A good buddy keeps you safe and that’s exactly the idea behind Boulden Brothers Buddies Club, helping keep your home safe and comfy year-round. Tim Boulden is here. I guess he and Mike are the head buddies in The Buddies Club. Tim, why does The Buddies Club make sense? I mean, can’t we just call for service when we want it?


Certainly. The biggest advantage to the club membership is what we call our front-of-the-line priority. So if someone calls in that’s a club member, they are going to be put in front of the line of everybody that’s not a club member, and unfortunately, in the heating and air conditioning business, most people have a problem when it’s very hot or very cold and so when you’re calling for service, it’s likely that a lot of other people are as well.

And I guess you guys call those demand calls, right? Somebody calls then they need service right now and you should get it too. I mean, who wants to be hot, but I guess a Buddies Club Member, they’re pushed ahead of those people.

Right yeah, the Buddies Club Members have pushed ahead of all the people that are not Buddies Club Members. So the only person you would be behind would be maybe a Buddies Club Member that called in before you.

What does the Buddies Club cover?

Well, it’s designed for your convenience to save you money, but mostly it’s to extend the life of your equipment. So it has an annual and an air conditioning Bouldenzation that is our very thorough multi-point tuneup. We also do a water heater rejuvenation every other year. That’s where we’ll drain your water heater and give it a proper inspection and tuneup and then every third year, we will do an electrical panel rejuvenation. So we will go in and make sure that all the connections in the panel are tight and looking good. As well as when we’re out there, we’ll do a complete electrical safety inspection.

That sounds like it could save some money.

It certainly will. Over the life of your systems, it will save you a lot of money.

What benefits do club members get besides that? I mean, it’s great that you come out and do those tune-ups and the Bouldenzations. What else do they get?

Tim Boulden: They also get discounts of off repairs and when it’s time to replace your equipment whether it’s your heating and air conditioning system, your water heater or your electrical panel, there are discounts for new equipment as well.

So you take care of people even when their equipment is beyond taking care of?

That’s exactly right. We do believe that having the Boulden Buddies Club will extend the life of your equipment, but it can’t extend it forever.

So how long does a Boulden Buddies Club Membership last?

We have two ways for people to join. One is with an annual subscription or the other is monthly. We just ask that when you have joined monthly, you stay a member for one year. After that, you can cancel at any time.

So that’s fair enough. You get in, you get the priority service, Bouldenzations, discounts, it’s just what you’d expect from a buddy. I suspect Tim, that’s why you call it the Buddies Club.

That’s exactly right.

Tim, thanks for explaining all to us.

Thanks, Charlie.

Learn more about the Boulden Brothers Buddies Club. Visit bouldenbrothers.com/club.