What Can Boulden Brothers Electric Do For You?

Boulden Brothers Electric doesn’t do new construction, commercial, or industrial electric work. Instead, we prefer to specialize in everything a homeowner would need. We handle household electrical issues ranging from bad breakers, new switches, dimmers, generators, ceiling fan installation, or even restoring power to portions of the house. Just like all the other technicians from Boulden Brothers, every electrical tech we send to your home adheres to our high standards.


The nature of the electrical work we do is different every day. Sometimes there’s a failed breaker or an outlet that’s not working. Maybe there are two or three rooms in the home where none of the electrical appliances are working. We occasionally visit homes that still have fuseboxes or older breaker panels that need to be upgraded. We also regularly install ceiling fans, surge protection systems, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. If it’s something dealing with the home’s electrical system, we’ve probably done it.

Along the way, we’ve seen many homeowners who have decided to try to fix the problem on their own. People tend to be more confident with fixing plumbing problems because water isn’t seen as a threat. Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If the homeowner was to make a mistake when trying to fix a plumbing problem, it could lead to major water damage. Electrical systems and HVAC are a different story when it comes to calling a professional. People are often scared to fix electrical issues or work on the furnace/air conditioner.

Household electrical work is extremely dangerous for unqualified people. It’s dealing with high voltage, so it requires extreme care and experience. While some homeowners might choose to install a light switch or ceiling fan on their own, they’d probably decide against working on components inside the electrical panel. This is probably a good idea since most people aren’t equipped to safely deal with a major electrical problem in their home.

That’s where the qualified technicians at Boulden Brothers come in. We’re equipped to correct the common self-installation problems that homeowners have to deal with. Unfortunately, it’s common for us to see homeowners who have tried to correct a small problem only to end up with a much larger problem in the end. Don’t make the same mistake—it’s probably a better idea to have a qualified professional fix your issue. It’ll end up saving a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

Aside from fixing existing electrical problems, Boulden Brothers are also here to protect your home’s appliances. One of the most critical components of your home’s electrical system is a whole-house surge protection system. People are already accustomed to surge protector strips that are plugged into electrical outlets and used to protect computers. (Many of these surge protector strips aren’t even capable of handling a large power surge.) The challenge homeowners now face is protecting all the appliances that have built-in electronics.

The washer and dryer, microwave, clock radio, furnace, and air conditioner are some examples of common household appliances that now have electronic components built into them. That’s in addition to TVs, DVD/Blu-Ray players, and other home theater equipment. All of these devices add up to thousands of dollars worth of electronics that need just as much protection as a computer.

When you think about surge protectors, you might imagine them protecting from a lighting strike that would wipe out all the home’s electronics. While extreme situations like that are possible, it’s much more common for homes to experience irregular power. It could be as minor as a glitch in the power delivery from your utility. The end result is a series of small power surges that are constantly affecting all the electronics in your home, potentially decreasing their lifespan. These small surges won’t immediately damage electronics, but they are likely to have a detrimental impact over time.

To protect your entire home’s electronics from both small and large power surges, give the Boulden Brothers a call. We have the experience and qualifications to fix your household electrical issues.

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