Warwick Plumbing Tip: Wackiest Bathroom Products You Can Buy

Your Warwick home’s bathroom and the kitchen have little in common. Mostly, they are only similar in that they are rooms with running water. But they are also alike in at least one other way: for some reason, people like to acquire bizarre and fantastic products for both rooms.

In the kitchen, this means weird, singularly-oriented gadgets like cherry pitters, banana peelers or containers made specifically for saving tomatoes. In the bathroom, things get a little weirder. Have a look at some of these weird, wacky, strange, and extravagant bathroom products.

For a little mood lighting in the shower, how about a heat-sensitive shower head with LED lighting? The lights change from blue to red depending on the temperature of the water, which is reportedly supposed to save you from jumping into a cold shower.

If that’s not flashy enough for you, how about icing out your commode? No, I don’t mean freezing your toilet. I mean getting it covered in sparkling stones. For about $75,000, you can do just that, with a toilet fully decked in 50,000 rocks worth of shimmer. Unfortunately, they’re not real diamonds, which makes it harder to justify the price tag.

Or maybe you just want your commode to have a little more character without the gaudiness of all that bling. For about $300, you can get a real aquarium – with real fish! – that mounts on the back of the toilet. It doesn’t use the same water supply as the tank, so the fish are fine in there.

There are plenty of ways to customize your bathroom, no matter what your taste, style or budget. You may as well get as wacky or expensive as you want with it – it’s your private room, after all.