The Health Impact of Untreated Water

In our past post, we talked about some of the damage that hard water can cause on a home’s plumbing fixtures. Besides damaging fixtures, there are some negative impacts that untreated water can have on people. The main concern from a health perspective is the cumulative impact that chlorine will have on the body over a long term.

Just like chlorine has a gradual impact on plumbing, its effects on the body are not acute and instead result from prolonged exposure. For the first time, the federal government has recently spoken about the risks of high levels of chlorine in the water. When we visit homes as part of our plumbing checkup, we flush the water heater, check the anode, and test the quality of the water. This test sometimes indicates that a home’s water supply has more chlorine in it than a swimming pool.

The municipal water supply usually has high chlorine content because the quality of water is taken into consideration along with the age of the pipes. The older the pipes, the more likely it will be preferable to increase the level of chlorine for safety reasons. While chlorine is an effective way to kill microorganisms in the water, it’s best that it is removed once it reaches the home.

It’s very straightforward for homeowners to effectively deal with the chlorine in their water supply. Boulden Brothers can install a carbon filter, which is maintenance-free and useful for many years. The benefit of using a whole house system as opposed to buying a small filter that attaches to the faucet is the availability of great quality water throughout every water-using appliance in the house. The shower, tub, dishwasher, washing machine, and sinks will all have access to high quality water.

People often choose to drink bottled water because they dislike the taste of chlorine. A more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution is to install a household carbon filter. Cooking with this clean, high quality water will make an immediately noticeable difference in the taste of food. Carbon filtration is a tried and true technology that has been around for quite a while. It has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness at removing adulterants from the water supply.

If homeowners think that they need a bacteria test in their water, it’s necessary to send a sample to a qualified laboratory for testing. The University of Delaware is one of several places that we can refer people. Once a laboratory test indicates that there is bacteria in the water, we have solutions for that at Boulden Brothers. We can install UV systems to kill any microorganisms in the water, and we can also provide chlorination systems as well. The first step is to get the water tested by an appropriate facility.

If you would like to learn more about installing a carbon filtering system in your home to remove chlorination, give us a call today.