The Benefits of Air Cleaners

Our air cleaners remove contaminants and particles from the air at a much higher efficiency than an air filter because they are active instead of passive (mechanical). Our filters have to be hooked up to electricity in order to generate a slight electrostatic charge, which attracts particles as they flow across the filter. In most cases, the air cleaner will fit right in the filter rack on your system, so it’s the same size as a traditional filter but much more efficient. Unlike freestanding room units that only pull air from a close proximity, air cleaners filter the air going through every room of the house. (The air changes in your home multiple times a day as it’s pulled through the return system.)

Outdoor vs. Indoor Air

Most people don’t realize that indoor air is on average five times worse for you than outside air. The main reason is because ozone and the sun’s radiation act as the earth’s natural disinfectants, killing both germs and odors. If you’ve ever noticed a distinct smell after an electrical storm, that’s the elevated level of ozone that was generated from the lightning. You’ll also smell it in hospitals because they use ozone as a disinfectant. At the residential level, we have the opportunity to use ozone to kill organic material and remove cooking, smoking, and pet odors from your home. If you have new carpet or furniture giving off gas/odors, it can help with that as well.

Is an Air Cleaner Worth the Cost?

When determining whether the overall cost of an air filter is worth it for your home, think about how it will affect your health and the longevity of your HVAC system. The long-term costs associated with owning an air cleaner include regular replacement of the filter in the filtration system. Although you might think the filter needs to be replaced more often because it removes so much more from the air, that’s not the case—the replacement schedule is similar to a traditional hardware store filter. The light bulbs in the UV systems that generate ozone last about two years, so they also have to be changed on a regular basis.

Air cleaners make your home’s air as clean and safe as possible. If you don’t have a filter that removes particles from the air, your lungs will have to pick up the slack. To learn more about the best options for your home, get a hold of Boulden Brothers today by giving us a call or contact us online.