Sprucing up the Kitchen and Bathroom with Fixture Upgrades


Many times, people want to spruce up their kitchen or bathroom but they don’t want to go through the expense of a whole remodel. One of the best investments you can make in your home is kitchen and bathroom fixture upgrades. These rooms can gain a completely different look and feel just by changing the countertop, sink, toilet, and faucet, along with giving the room a new coat of paint.


It can be intimidating for homeowners to decide on a new sink. In many cases, the decision of which sink to install is mainly aesthetic, based off of the intended look and feel of the kitchen or bathroom. The sink can be stainless steel, porcelain, or even made out of elegant glass that glows with an under-light.

For kitchen sinks, some of the decision will be based upon functionality. Sinks can be tailored to exactly how you use your kitchen. It can be a one, two, or three bowl sink, and it can have a garbage disposal or pull-out faucet as well.


As toilets age over the years, they will slowly accumulate calcium and magnesium buildup due to water hardness. This makes them flush less strongly compared to when they were new. Installing a new toilet will have many immediate benefits, not only functionally, but also aesthetically.

Choosing a toilet is a fairly straightforward process—sizes are mostly universal, but some decisions will have to be made regarding the height and length of the toilet. An immediately obvious benefit of the new toilet is its ability to flush better while also using less water. The water conserved due to the toilet’s higher efficiency will end up saving money in the long run.


There are many other components that may be worth upgrading when doing a kitchen or bath remodel. For example, the safety shutoff valves in the walls are there for a very important reason: If your fixture (or pipe leading to the fixture) sprang a leak, these valves would allow you to immediately shut off the water. Unfortunately, these valves are not usually tested on a regular basis to make sure they still function properly. If an unexpected leak were to occur, these valves would be a crucial component that could prevent expensive damage to the home.

Other accessories such as shower heads, cabinet knobs, and towel hangers can nicely complement new fixtures or paint jobs.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

One place you can go wrong is selecting a fixture that does not fit the room. Before selecting any new components, make sure to measure the room to make sure it will be a good fit. This is especially true in the kitchen, where the kitchen sink and cabinets can vary in size.

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