Signs that your AC system needs replacement

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Just like a flat tire happens when you need it at least, AC systems tend to break down on the hottest day of the year. Could this be the year you beat it to the punch with a replacement AC system? Tim Bolden is here to talk about exactly that.


Hey Tim, what are some common warning signs a system needs replacement?

Well, it could be unusual noises. Sounds that you have not heard coming from your system. But more likely it’s your system will no longer keep up. It will no longer keep your house warm or cool, or you start to see an increase in your electrical bills when you know you’re using it in a way you have similar in the past.

That’s a lot you just talked about there. So when you’re talking about, let’s start first with those noises, when you’re saying it’s noisier, you’re talking about the condenser outside the house with the AC system, right?

It certainly could be. It could be your compressor, it could be your fan motor outdoors, or there could be a problem with a blower motor inside. Either way, inside or out, those components ultimately will fail.

Yeah. There was a time at my house, Tim, when my fan motor outside, the condenser outside of the house, was so loud a service guy working next door at my neighbor’s house came by and asked me, “Have you ever thought about replacing your system?”

It doesn’t surprise me. Unfortunately, I know you take good care of your system, but a lot of homeowners wait for a problem before they call a company like Bolden Brothers.

And so you also talked about the idea that it isn’t, your AC specifically, let’s talk about that first, isn’t cooling like it used to. So you’ll set the thermostat and you’re saying that an aging system won’t deliver the cold as well?

Yes. Say it’s an 85-degree day and your system in the past would be able to keep your house comfortable. It may not be able to keep it comfortable anymore or it may be able to cool it off, but it’s very humid inside.

Air-ConditioningSo if it’s not keeping up as cold as it used to, is it possible a Bolden-ization can bring that system back?

Possibly. It’s always good to have your system regularly maintained and it may be a minor issue. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell until you get out and diagnose the problem.

Yeah. I guess there comes a time when every system has served its last. And I hear a lot of people talk about that they have an old, R22 system and I guess those are really starting to age out for the newer R410A systems.

That’s exactly right. We see fewer and fewer R22 systems every year. Which a good thing because it’s becoming incredibly expensive to add refrigerant if the system needs it.

That was probably going to be the nail in the coffin for an old system. If your R22 system has a refrigerant leak, it’s definitely time to look at a replacement.

That’s for sure.

I guess the best advice, Tim, is to check it now and chuck it before your old AC leaves you hot and far from dry.

That’s exactly right because I don’t know if other people will have luck like me, but mine doesn’t fail when it’s 75 degrees. It fails when it’s 95 degrees.

Because it’s working super hard.

That’s exactly right.

Tim, thanks a lot.

Thanks, Charlie.

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