Sending The Right Person to Your Home

A lot of times, the decision of who to send to a customer’s home isn’t made that same day—it’s made during the hiring process. We go through preemployment testing and an extensive interview process to make sure that we add the right people to our team. When the time comes that you need us to be there, we have many capable people we can send to get the job done right.

The quality of the people being added to our team is very important to us. It’s not just their technical knowledge that’s important. (Once we get someone on our team, we can always improve their technical knowledge.) Instead, it’s more important to focus on finding a great person that has a desire to serve the customer. This is the type of person that will do everything to keep our clients’ best interests at heart. Whenever we hire someone new, we make sure that they share our values.

If we send someone to your home, we do everything necessary to make sure that person will treat you the way we would want to be treated. When a client calls us, we believe we have an opportunity to treat their home like we would treat our mother’s or grandmother’s home. If we take that to heart and maintain that central objective every time we go serve someone, we’re going to be successful.

We have very few one-strike-and-you’re-out rules in our business, but there is one that all of the people on our team know about. That is, if at any time they do anything to intentionally take advantage of our client, they will be asked to leave employment with Boulden Brothers immediately. We know that people make honest mistakes sometimes, so we’re not talking about something like an accidentally scratched floor. Instead, we’re talking about finding out that an employee has intentionally acted against our customer’s best interests. Because of our long-standing reputation, we take this extremely seriously.

We will take action even if an employee is a top performer. If an employee goes out on the field without having our clients’ best interests at heart, we’re going to make a change.

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