Second Opinions

Second opinions are important, so we try to make it very easy for anyone who wants to get one. Because we’re dealing with items like the plumbing/drain cleaning system, water conditioning system, or propane accessories for the house, the client may not have extensive knowledge on the subject. They may get a contractor in their home that is recommending something that they are unsure or unconfident about. Because of this, we want to make it easy for them to get another opinion.

We think this resource should be readily available to customers as a no-pressure, no-charge second opinion. We go to the client’s home to learn about their system and whatever problem they are experiencing, what they are trying to accomplish, and also to be there as a trusted resource if they do decide to choose us for that work. More importantly, we give the peace of mind in knowing that whether they choose—us or someone else—the job will be in their best interest.

Our pricing in general is not based on huge markups just so we can give a huge discount later after the client gets a second opinion. We want to give a fair price up-front so there is no need for haggling. Like we’ve said before, we care about providing education as a service to our clients.

What makes us unique is that we educate everyone in our organization about our core values and who we are. This includes how we protect our customers with our warrantees and guarantees. When we do a good job, we end up with thousands of people each year that say they are confident to put their trust in Boulden Brothers.

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