Protecting Your Home and Family

Employee Selection

There are many ways that we protect our customers’ homes, but it begins with the decision of who we send to make the visit. As a rule, if we wouldn’t send someone into our own home, we wouldn’t send them into one of our customer’s homes either. On top of that, we regularly drug test our current staff as well as conduct preemployment drug testing and criminal background checks for everyone that wants to be a part of our team. We take this rule very seriously.

Ongoing Training

We provide regular training to our technicians. Whether it’s for customer service training or technical training, we want to make sure that our people are on the cutting edge. Our team stays on top of the latest technology and customer service methods. We provide this training five days a week, whether in-house or from a third-party resource.

Staying up-to-speed with Technology

Over the years, our equipment has become more sophisticated. As electronics have advanced, they have increasingly become a part of the heating and air conditioning system. As a result, the systems are much more complex than they used to be. Along with that complexity comes increased difficulty during repair and maintenance. We do the very best we can to stay in front of the technology curve and make sure all of our employees are up to speed with any new challenges.


We think it’s important to add great people to our team regardless of whether they are in the trades or not. Therefore, new employees don’t need to have certifications in order to start with us. Once they join our team, however, they will get involved with NATE certification, manufacturer certifications, and gain an understanding of safety issues such as the impact of carbon monoxide. Employees on our team must stay current with the certifications they need in order to meet our standards.

We are very obsessive about these things so our customers don’t have to be. Whenever a customer gives us a call, they can focus on the things that matter.