Port Deposit Plumber Tip: Plumbing Problems You Can’t Fix Yourself

While there are some relatively simple plumbing jobs that most Port Deposit homeowners can handle with ease, there are some plumbing problems that have a significantly higher degree of difficulty.

For these trickier or more extensive jobs, you really need to call in a professional. What kinds of projects are we talking about here?

Take for example a simple clogged drain. Whether it’s your tub or your kitchen sink, you’ve certainly encountered a clog over the years. Sometimes they are simple and easy to deal with, so you decide to tackle it on your own. First, you pour some commercial chemical drain clearing product down the drain. You let it sit for a while, like the instructions say, then run the water.

No luck—the drain is still clogged.

So, you try a pipe snake. You thread it down into the drain and through the pipe until it hits the clog. Then you pull back and…nothing. So you try again and again, really jamming the snag down in there to make it engage the clog, until…it breaks.

Now you’ve got a clog and a broken pipe snake in there.

So, you try more drain cleaner, but of course it doesn’t work again, and now the harsh chemicals are taking a toll on your pipes. You decide to just take the length of pipe out so you can see the clog, then remove it. Soon, you find yourself in over your head and you’re not sure how to replace the pipe.

Yikes. That’s a mess.

This isn’t to say you should never attempt to a plumbing repair on your own. Sometimes they are simple enough that the DIY option is the cheapest and best. However, if your efforts are coming up short and you’re about to enter unfamiliar territory, call in a pro. It will save time, money and headaches in the long run.