Keep Your Home Cool Without Blasting the A/C | HVAC Tips

We’re barely into the summer season and temperatures are already consistently in the 80s and still rising. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any cooler from here on out. When you’re not lounging by the pool or beach with a good book in hand, tubing on the lake, or floating down a lazy river, you look to your home as a cool and refreshing respite from the heat. Learn how to keep your home cool during the summer season with these 4 essential home cooling tips.

how to keep your home cool | air conditioning tips

When it comes to maintaining a pleasantly cool home, we know it doesn’t always come cheap. Your monthly utility costs for cooling depend on a variety of things, such as how efficient your A/C system is, if your home has any air leaks, the functionality of your air ducts, and a few other factors that we’ll mention here in a bit.

How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Blasting the A/C

1. Air Conditioning Tune-Up

If you haven’t already done so, schedule your annual HVAC tune-up. You could save heaps of money on frequent, costly repairs, while also ensuring the longevity of your system. Tune-ups are extremely affordable and worth every penny.

During a tune-up, a certified professional will inspect your entire HVAC system, including all the nooks and crannies to see that every component of your system functions correctly and efficiently. Should a technician discover a problem during the inspection, s/he should be able to fix the problem while on location. However, in the event that your system is in extremely poor condition and beyond repair, replacement options will be made available to you.

At Boulden Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning, our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will go over all of your options with you and offer upfront pricing. We’ll help you find the best solutions to keep your home cool based on your budget and property.

2. Maintain & Repair Your Ducts

Even if you purchase the highest rated A/C on the market in terms of efficiency, you won’t see a difference unless your ducts are properly maintained and kept in good condition.

To ensure that your air conditioner lives up to its efficiency rating, you’ll want to give your ducts some TLC by inspecting them for any loose parts and kinks in the flexduct. As an added measure, check to see that your ducts are allowing for proper airflow, sealing where necessary and repairing any found damages.

You can seal your air ducts yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. If you choose to DIY it, use mastic sealant or aluminum foil tape, NOT duct tape! Don’t forgo making a repair on your ducts as it will only lead to more costly repairs and an uncomfortable home.

3. Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks are sure to cause a warm and toasty home during summer, and that’s the last thing you want with grueling outdoor temperatures; not to mention, air leaks waste all the cool air in your home – and increase humidity levels. You’re literally throwing money out the window!

Put a stop to air leaks by sealing them as soon as possible. To seal those leaks off once and for all, weather strip and caulk around your windows and doors. Check your home for drafty spots, including baseboards, wiring and pipe penetrations, and vents, caulking where necessary.

4. Weatherize & Insulate Your Attic

Your attic is already sweltering and stuffy as it is, but a poorly insulated attic only makes it worse, as it is makes it extremely difficult to keep your home cool when it’s hot outside.

To properly weatherize your attic, seal and caulk any leaks, especially around vent and pipe penetrations, dropped soffits, and knee walls. Once this has been completed, inspect your insulation. If you have only 3-4 inches of insulation, you’ll want to add another R-38 to R-49 layer for protection. To give you an idea, that’s around a foot of fiberglass batt insulation.

Watch This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor demonstrate the proper way to insulate your attic:

If you have any further questions on improving your home’s energy efficiency or lowering your air conditioning bill, talk to the licensed, trained technicians at Boulden Brothers.

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