Why Is The AC Unit Not Turning On?

Why is the AC unit not turning on?Do you have problems with your AC unit not turning on?

Why is the AC unit not turning on? Beat the summer heat quickly and easily with these helpful guidelines! Refresh yourself this season without breaking a sweat.

Get your air conditioner running optimally by following our simple troubleshooting steps. So you can experience cool air and relief in no time at all. If you need an AC repair from a certified tech, Call Boulden Brothers Now.

Is your AC failing to stay cool in the sweltering Newark summers? Don’t sweat it if your AC stops working or not producing cold air. A few potential causes could be preventing your unit from functioning optimally.

When it comes to keeping you cool during the summer, we’re here for all your air conditioning needs. From faulty fuses and circuit breakers to malfunctioning thermostats or refrigerant leaks, our experienced team can quickly identify problems – big or small -and restore comfort in no time.

People tend to ask our techs why is the AC unit not turning on? Seek help from a professional technician at Boulden Brothers for a reliable AC repair. Troubleshooting your AC unit can be easy and manageable. You can get reliable, knowledgeable assistance to diagnose and solve any problems quickly. So you can regain control of your comfort as soon as possible.

Check Thermostat Setting

Keep your Thermostat at a refreshingly cool temperature. Set the fan setting on “auto” for optimal airflow and enjoy conditioned comfort without compromising energy efficiency.

To maximize system efficiency, remain “on” as a default setting and perform periodic battery changes or circuit breaker inspections. However, if these avenues prove fruitless, begin troubleshooting procedures to identify the underlying issue.

Check the Circuit Breaker

A power surge can disrupt the flow of electricity to your air conditioning system. Power surges can lead to a circuit breaker trip. If this happens, summertime temperatures may rise dramatically indoors. However, restoring those cooling breezes is easy – flip any tripped breakers back into their “on” position for fast relief.

Ensure the HVAC system power switch is on

Ensure your air conditioner is appropriately running for a cool and comfortable summer night. Try flipping “on” both the indoor & outdoor ac units. Beat the heat with ease.

You can locate the indoor switch nearby using your AC’s furnace or heat pump. There is also an exterior component tucked neatly at its side.

Check the Air Filter and replace it if needed.

Keep your AC running smoothly by changing the dirty air filter every three months. If the air filter becomes visibly dirty from regular use, change it. Extra filters will give you peace of mind in case of any accidental breakdowns.

Check to ensure the AC unit is unobstructed.

Beat the heat easily this summer. Leave at least two feet and several feet around your air conditioner for maximum cooling power. Clear away obstacles obstructing its airflow to enjoy premium comfort in extreme temperatures.

Reset the AC unit

When experiencing a power surge and your air conditioner starts to seem out of sorts, don’t despair. You may need to turn on the air conditioner and hard reset it. Consult the owner’s manual to ensure you get everything back in order quickly. Following its directions will guarantee your AC can enjoy some well-deserved rest again soon.

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