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For a while, parts of the U.S. wondered if they’d ever experience sunshine again after all the recent storms. Down south, Texas and Oklahoma experienced record-breaking rainfall with thousands out of power, and now California is at risk for a tsunami. While meteorologists do have the technology to predict weather, there are instances when there just isn’t enough time to evacuate to a safer place.

Backup Home Generator Options

In such cases, the best thing you can do is to prepare ahead of time. That means getting a plan together now, before the next big storm hits your home! And what better way to prepare for severe weather than by purchasing a backup generator. With severe weather always to comes the possibility of power outages. Do you think if the next big storm hit your area this summer you’d be prepared with all the necessary items – food, water, light, etc.? If you don’t have a backup generator, then the answer is likely “no.”

The most common cop-out for not purchasing a backup generator is “It can’t happen to me.” We all think this, but in reality a power outage can happen to anyone, and that “anyone” could be you during the next big storm. After a historic winter and record-breaking storms and hurricanes, it more important than ever to have a backup home generators in place. Home generators have gone from extravagance to essential. Will you have the lights on this summer?

So don’t be left in the dark! Purchase a backup generator. Every home should have at least one small backup generator available for emergencies.

How to Choose a Backup Home Generator

Check the Wattage

When it comes to backup generators, ask yourself if you want portable or permanent. The important aspect is that both can power your home, however, there is a difference in the amount of power each offers. You can calculate how much power you will need by adding up the wattage of all the appliances and electrical devices in your home that you will use at the same time. You also have to take into consideration the startup wattage for devices in your home such as your sump pump and heating and air conditioning system. Compare your total needed wattage, including electric water heaters, with the listed wattage on your generator. The home generator’s wattage must be higher than what you plan to use at one time.

Portable Generators

If you want power to only the basics such as your refrigerator and freezer, sump pump, sewer pump toaster oven or microwave, etc. then a portable generator is right for you. This is the most affordable option if price is a concern. However, if you want to have your whole home running, including heating and air conditioning and hot water, you will most likely need a permanent standby generator.

Our portable generators can help restore comfort and peace of mind back into your home at a time that would otherwise be chaotic. Our generators will also protect your home from dangerous power surges, which can fry your appliances and electronics even if they are powered off. Remember to always have generators running in an open air space. Home generators emit carbon monoxide, a lethal gas, when running. A good rule to have is to keep your home generator at least ten feet from your home and never use a regular extension cord. Purchase a heavy-duty, weatherproof extension cord to hook up

Even if you have done your wattage calculation and decide on a portable generator for your needs, talk to a professional to make sure you’ve calculated correctly.

Price: $1500-$3500

Standby Generators

Permanently installed backup generators are safer than portable generators since they run on clean-burning propane or natural gas, as opposed to regular gasoline. You’ll want to budget for fuel whether it be gasoline or propane. Boulden Brothers offers refill stations and propane delivery service! You can even earn free gas by referring your friend. We can install wireless tank monitors that notify us when you are below 30% so you never have to fear running out of fuel again.

These systems also have strict specifications and building code requirements, so it is absolutely necessary that you consult with a certified electrician for professional installation.

Our background checked and drug tested technicians can repair, maintain, and install the best home generator that fits your electrical capacity needs and budget. When the next power outage hits your area, you’ll be glad you made the investment.

Protect your home, family, and expensive electronics by having Boulden Brothers install a backup home generator today!

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