First of Fall Home Maintenance: Get EmBOULDENed!

Happy First Day of Fall! The beginning of fall is the perfect time to take care of all the little projects around your house before it gets too cold! Winter is coming, and faster than you think. Take care of these indoor and outdoor fall home maintenance tasks to stay calm and comfy all fall and winter long.

emboulden | \im-ˈbōl-dən\: to give someone the confidence and inspiration to do something or to behave in a Boulden Brothers way.

outdoor fall home maintenance

Outdoor Fall Home Maintenance:

  • Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Inspect roof and chimney for any gaps or cracks.
  • Drain and winterize faucets and irrigation systems.
  • Rake leaves and shred for mulching purposes; start composting
  • Plant perennials; weed annuals
  • Winterize water irrigation systems, fountains, and other features.

indoor fall home maintenance

Indoor Fall Home Maintenance:

  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm, it is highly recommend you have one installed.
  • Check for gaps or cracks in the foundation and around windows and doors. Caulk, insulate, and make any necessary outdoor repairs.
  • Clean or replace dirty furnace filters and vents.
  • Treat your furnace to a tune-up by a trained professional.
  • Think about getting a generator for the winter.
  • Call in a chimney sweeper.

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