Damage Caused by Household Drain Clogs

In the past couple of posts, we’ve been talking about identifying household clogs and different ways they can be fixed. Another concern that has immediate consequences for homeowners is the potential damage that can occur due to clogs.


At Boulden Brothers, we’ve seen the extensive damage that can be caused by clogged drains firsthand. Homeowners go through significant stress when a toilet is clogged because gray water needs to be properly (and safely) cleaned.

Toilet, shower, or sink back ups also have the potential to cause mold and mildew if any moisture remains. This is especially worrisome because moisture is often inconspicuous. Ultimately, drain issues have the potential to cause the same problems as flooding caused by broken pipes.

While we aren’t a professional cleaning service, we will come to the rescue with your plumbing issue as fast as possible. Our professional plumbers have the proper tools to get the job done, and we will clean the areas that we are capable of (depending on the severity of the situation). If the damage is too significant, we will refer you to a qualified professional cleaner.

Not only does gray water produce a foul smell, but there are significant health considerations as well. Homeowners need to get their problem handled quickly and correctly, and the Boulden Brothers are here to help.

If you ever find yourself with an emergency toilet issue caused by a clogged drain, or if you think that remaining moisture is a concern that needs to be eliminated, give us a call.