Why Consider a Solar Water Heater in Wilmington DE

Did the energy bill for your Wilmington DE home decrease this month? Probably not. Energy prices seem to always be on the rise. People are looking for new and creative ways to lower their monthly expenses. Solar energy has gained popularity in Wilmington DE because of the potential it has to decrease your consumption of electricity. In this blog post we’re going to discuss solar water heating: how it works and why it might be a good option for your home.

What is a Solar Water Heater?

Some people confuse solar panels for solar water heaters. A solar panel array use the sun’s light to generate electricity. A solar water heater actually uses the sun’s heat energy to heat up water.

How a Solar Water Heater Works

Solar water heaters are pretty simple pieces of equipment. They have a large collector that is installed on your roof or somewhere on your property that gets a lot of sunlight. Water is pumped through the collector through a series of tubes. The heat from the sun warms the water and it is returned to your water heater’s tank. The hot water naturally collects at the top of the tank to get pumped into the home. In warmer climates, like in Florida or California, these types of water heaters can achieve temperatures over 200° F.

Solar Water Heater in Wilmington DE

But what about the winters in Wilmington DE? There isn’t much heat available when the temperature drops. Well, according to a recent study conducted in Toronto, even during the months of January and February, a solar hot water heater could produce water temperatures over 80° and 90° F. This is a great way to supplement the work of your current water heater during the winters.

Energy Efficiency

The main benefit for solar water heaters is a decrease in energy consumption. You use your water heater everyday probably to shower, wash dishes and more. Water heaters account for a large percentage of your monthly bill. By capitalizing on the renewable, limitless energy from the sun you can potentially greatly reduce the amount of energy that you have to buy.

If you have any questions about solar water heaters and if they’re a good choice for your home in Wilmington DE, contact Boulden Brothers. We have experience working with solar water heaters and can help you decide if your home would benefit from one.

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