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Well Pumps

Well pumps are critical for homes that rely on a well for their main water supply. A quality well pump can easily provide fresh, clean water for many years. It’s important to choose the best possible well pump as well as an experienced plumber you can rely on to keep the unit operational. Whether you need to have a new system installed or you simply need someone to service your existing pump, call the greater Wilmington DE area well pump experts at Boulden Brothers. We have years of experience installing, maintaining and repairing all types of well pumps. Call us today to learn more about our professional well pump services.

Well Pump Installation

The first step in having a well pump installed is choosing the right model for your well. If you just moved into a new property or you’re retrofitting an old pump it’s good to know what types of pumps are available. Most well pumps are submersible – placed beneath the water level in your well. There are multiple types of pumps including mechanical, rotary, and DC electric. The type that’s right for your home will depend largely on the power source available to your well and your personal budget. Keep in mind that if you choose an electric only model, loss of power will also result in loss of water. Having a generator backup is always a good idea for something as important as your well pump.

Well Pump Replacement

The most common request we get is for replacement of an old, out of date well pump that is either not working properly or cannot keep up with the needs of a household any longer. If your home runs out of water when running multiple faucets and fixtures at the same time, it may be due to an inadequate pump. When you decide to have your old well pump replaced, we can have a technician visit your home and analyze your current water consumption rates first. This means determining how much water your home uses in a 7 minute peak period. Usually this means quantifying how much water the occupants of your home consume in the morning, when showers are being taken, dishes are being done, and clothes are being washed. We then take that average and use it to determine the ideal well pump size. A good baseline is about 7 gallons per minute per bathroom in a house. If you have three bathrooms, that means a 21 GPM well pump will likely get the job done. However, we can take other factors into consideration, including how well your old pump worked.

Well Pump Maintenance & Repair

Once you have a new well pump installed, it needs to be maintained. Proper maintenance should involve an annual visit from a skilled technician. The plumbing specialists at Boulden have years of experience providing expert well pump service throughout the Wilmington metropolitan area. Whether you need to have a new well pump installed or you have an old one that needs annual maintenance or service to fix an odd sound or poor pump rate, call us today to learn more about our full range of well pump services.


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