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Krystal Klear

Every homeowner wants clean, fresh water from their tap – water they can use to take showers, cook, clean clothes, and do dishes. Yet, even the cleanest drinking water is filled with chemicals and additives from your water system. Cities and towns add those chemicals to ensure you don’t suffer from bacteria or other problems like mold or sediment, but when chlorine or other chemical levels get too high, not only is the water damaging to skin and hair, they can be downright dangerous. That’s why Boulden Brothers carries a full line of Krystal Klear water treatment products for our greater Wilmington, DE area customers. We want every member of your family to feel safe and comfortable, so we’ve gone out of our way to find the best possible water treatment products on the market.

The Risk of Untreated Water

So, what exactly should you be protecting yourself from? Home water tests show that it can contain chlorine, benzene, barium, arsenic, and pharmaceuticals like atrazine, atenolol, estrone, meprobamate, naproxen, and more. These pharmaceutical drugs, chlorine and cleaning chemicals are present throughout many water supplies in the US. The process of combatting these chemicals starts with thorough water testing. Water testing should look not only for common contaminants like chlorine, but a bevy of other unnatural chemicals and medicines that build up in the water supply of so many cities and towns. We’ve worked closely with many of the industry’s most popular water treatment brands and we’ve found Krystal Klear to be one of the most effective at both removing these contaminants and keeping them out. Krystal Klear’s full line of water treatment products are designed to remove chlorine, barium, lead, manganese and arsenic. These elements and minerals that have been linked to increased rates of cancer, heart disease, and disease in children and pregnant women. Krystal Klear’s products are built to not only fully remove these items but to stay effective for longer and at a higher rate of efficiency than many other popular brands. If you’re interested in learning more about the Krystal Klear water treatment products we offer here at Boulden, call us today. Our technicians work closely with homeowners throughout the Wilmington & Dover metropolitan area to ensure cleaner, healthier drinking water for many years.


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