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Drain Clearing – Newark DE

There’s nothing more frustrating than a clogged drain. Whether it’s causing slow drainage or overflowing sinks and toilets, the Boulden Brothers drain clearing services fix it all. Our team of highly skilled drain experts can help diagnose and solve your drain problems.

Most people consider their plumbing and pipes to be self-sufficient. An average household handles hundreds of gallons of water a day. Sometimes, those pipes get bogged down with hair, dirt, food, and even tree roots. The Boulden Brothers drain cleaners solve even the most intense issues.

So, what are the most common drain clogs, and how can the Boulden Brothers help?


4 Common Clogs & Drain Cleaner Advice


Food Waste

No surprise here! food that goes down the kitchen sink while washing dishes or cleaning veggies can cause drain blockages. It doesn’t just stop at food. Cooking grease, oil, and even certain types of soap can coat your pipes over time and cause a build-up of gunk. How can you prevent these issues? Make sure you’re using a kitchen strainer every time you wash food or dishes. Avoid putting oil or other chemicals down the drain — throw them in the trash instead. If the issue persists, call in the Boulden Brothers to help with a drain repair.


Hair Buildup

Hair in the shower drain is unavoidable. While it’s nearly impossible to prevent every stray hair from going down the drain, there are things you can do to ease the pain. Just like with the kitchen sink, make sure you’re using a drain guard designed for a shower.

Drain guards can help trap the hair before it makes it down the pipe. Once hair combines with other substances like dirt and soap sediment, it can cause slow drainage or clogged drains that require professional drain clearing.


Dirt & Grime

It’s a common misconception that any amount of dirt or grime can make it safely through a drain. Even the smallest amount can build up over time and cause a clog. Before putting your clothes in the wash or washing excess dirt off your body, try to get as much off beforehand.

Shake out your clothes before putting them in the laundry and spray down sand and dirt on your skin outside before bringing it into the shower. Make sure you are routinely cleaning drain stoppers to keep them functioning at their best.

Remember, pipes can only handle so much before you need a professional to repair the damage. Boulden Brothers can assess what the problem is and provide more guidance around preventative measures.


Tree Roots

One of the biggest problems your pipes can experience is root growth. A small crack in your pipes is an open invitation for growth. This kind of extensive damage will obstruct water flow or stop it altogether. An expert will need to be called in to determine if this is the issue you’re experiencing, Only after diagnosing the problem can you begin to fix it. The drain repair for root growth is a huge process that includes pressure cleaning and sometimes excavation of the area. This is a considerable undertaking that anyone without professional experience shouldn’t try on their own.


Boulden Brothers Drain Repair Services

No matter what drain problem you’re facing, Boulden Brothers can help.

After you’ve attempted to fix a problem with a plunger or auger to no avail, it’s time to call Boulden Brothers. We’ll come to your house and do a video camera pipe inspection to identify the root of the problem. Video camera inspections allow us to see what is clogging your pipes in real-time via high-tech video lines using fiber optic cables.

Once we know what the problem is, we have the tools to help resolve the blockage. Our experts take measurements and in-depth notes, so they know exactly what needs to be fixed and where. No matter how big your clog, you can count on us to get the job done right.

Have a question about clogged drains or need immediate drain cleaning services? Call Boulden Brothers today!

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