Scale Guard

Hard water is a serious problem for millions of homeowners. While the calcium and magnesium found in most water systems isn’t directly dangerous to your health, it can cause increased corrosion to your pipes and fixtures. Scale Guard is designed to directly combat these hard water problems and help you keep your system operational for years to come.

Boulden Brothers understands how important it is to remove the scale build up commonly associated with hard water. We work closely with homeowners throughout the greater Wilmington & Dover, DE area to combat hard water with Scale Guard systems. If you’re ready to take action and stop your hard water problems once and for all, contact us today.

What Causes Scale Build Up?

Scale build up is a common side effect of hard water. What this means is that your water contains higher than normal levels of both calcium and magnesium. These minarals are particularly bad because they tend to separate from water and accumulate on pipes, tile and porcelain.

The minerals left behind by hard water create the scale effect that you notice in your bathtub or around your sink fixtures. And while it is perfectly simple to remove scale from your fixtures, think about the buildup occurring in your pipes where you can’t reach it. That scale not only narrows the pipeline and heightens the risk of a clog; it increases the risk of corrosion which can lead to broken or leaky pipes. In short, hard water will slowly but surely damage your water system.

How Scale Guard Combats Hard Water

Scale Guard is an effective treatment for hard water because it not only stops scale from forming, it removes the old scale already in your pipes. More importantly, it is a non-invasive system. That means it never comes in contact with your water supply, nor does it require any chemical additives in your water system that would later need to be removed.

How does it do this? Scale Guard changes how the calcium and magnesium ions are carried by the water. Scale Guard creates particles that are suspended in water and pass through so they can be removed from the system.

Better yet, because Scale Guard has already bonded these bicarbonate and calcium ions, they will draw more of the calcium away from existing scale in your pipes, effectively removing the scale you already have. Some other systems offer effective ways to stop scale from forming, but few are also able to remove existing scale from pipes.

If you’re tired of scraping away scale from your fixtures and you want to ensure your pipes never build up an impenetrable layer that will damage your water system, contact Boulden today. Our team of highly trained Wilmington & Dover metropolitan area water treatment technicians will install a Scale Guard system to ensure you never again need to worry about scale problems from your water supply.