Drain and Sewer Installation

Imagine the impact if your sewer line is not installed correctly. A small crack between connectors or a poorly laid line that collapses under the pressure of the ground around it – these are problems that can strike when you choose a subpar service provider to replace your sewer and drainage system.

To make sure your sewer line is not only installed properly, but that it continues to work smoothly for years to come, call Boulden Brothers. Our drainage and sewer experts are trusted by families across the greater Wilmington & Dover, DE area.

When is a New Drainage & Sewer System Needed?

Hopefully, there are not any last minute burst pipes or tree roots digging into the sewer line under your home. If that is the case, we can help with any type of emergency repairs, from grease and paper clogging to tree root incursion in and around your pipe lines.

Regardless of your needs, replacing a sewer line is a big process. It starts with obtaining permits and checking local building codes. While most plumbing and drainage jobs occur on your property, sewer line installation may stretch into the street.

To ensure proper installation and that your home passes all city inspections, we work closely with both you and the city or county to acquire the right permits so we can get started. Beyond the permit issue, we know how important it is to minimize disruption, not only of your routine but that of your neighbors. No one wants to be the neighbor that blocks the road or that makes noise throughout the day. We work hard to ensure your sewer line installation is done both properly and quickly.

Replacement Drainage & Sewer Installation Process

Installation of a new sewer line starts with careful mapping of your existing plumbing. The right size sewer line is also needed to minimize the potential of clogs and future leaks.

We will check for possible root problems from nearby trees and bushes. Without preventative care performed by our trained technicians, your sewer line will be at risk for a number of problems in the years following installation. We want to help you avoid that.

Maintaining Your Drainage & Sewer System

Beyond installation, a sewer line needs to be carefully maintained. While we will work tirelessly to ensure there are as few problems as possible with your drainage and sewer system and the overall condition of your sewer line. Even a perfectly installed system can form clogs if left unchecked for too long.

Our high tech video camera inspection team can check your line for potential cracks and leaks on a regular basis to head off major repairs before they are needed.

If you are ready to move forward with your replacement drainage and sewer system, contact Boulden Brothers today and learn why the Wilmington & Dover metropolitan area trusts us more than anyone else with their sewer systems.