Air Conditioning Replacement

There comes a time when every air conditioner needs replacement. But how can you be sure that time has come for your system? It’s a matter of considering all the factors. Hi. I’m Dan, your Boulden Brothers Answer Man. Taking better care of you is the Boulden Brothers way. That’s why we put together this video. Age alone is not reason enough to replace your air conditioner. According to, your central air conditioner’s lifespan is about 15 to 20 years. So if it isn’t giving you trouble, consider waiting. On the other hand, while a system can be kept operating, frequent repairs mean your comfort comes at an ever-increasing cost. Most warranties also expire at about 10 years, leaving you without coverage just as these older systems are at a higher risk of breakdowns. Older air conditioners also use more energy to produce the same comfort as newer ones. Check your utility bills. Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, replacing it may save 20% to 40% of your energy costs. Comfort is another consideration. If you have rooms that are too hot or too cold, or if your home is too dry in the winter and too humid in the summer, it could be due to improper installation, poorly designed ducts, insufficient insulation, or a combination of all three. While these problems might be repairable, balance the cost of these repairs with the investment of replacing your system. Return on investment is worth considering. If you plan on being in your home less than two years, you may not get your investment back on a new system. Then again, when time comes to sell, an aging air conditioner can impact your asking price, or even delay a sale. When’s the best time to replace your air conditioner? Before it breaks down, of course. And breakdowns increase as systems work their hardest during the summer. A rushed decision is seldom a good one. That’s why planning ahead for a replacement allows you time to make a better choice. System age, price, repairs, comfort, safety, warranty, time left in your home, and return on investment. They’re all important factors in considering replacing your air conditioning system. Even if you don’t need us right now, Boulden Brothers is here with our on–time guarantee. Our techs arrive when we say, or you don’t pay. It’s the Boulden Brothers promise, proudly kept since 1946. Be sure to check out more of our answer videos here, at

Having an air conditioning system installed is a big step. It’s just about essential, though, on those long summer days in the greater Wilmington and Dover, DE area. When you do decide to have a new AC system installed, you’ll have to figure out exactly what type of system is right for your home.

This can be pretty confusing with all of the different products out there. But here at Boulden Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re committed to helping you find the product that’s just right for you. Many of our air conditioning systems are available as combination air conditioning and heat pumps too, giving you a climate controlled home environment year-round.