Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioning system needs periodic attention. Even so, problems can happen. Before calling for help, it’s possible to save time and money by doing some troubleshooting of your own. Hi. I’m Dan, your Boulden Brothers Answer Man. Taking better care of you is the Boulden Brothers way. That’s what we put together this video. If your system doesn’t come on, make sure it’s getting power. Check the fuse or circuit breaker. If your system has a breaker near the outside unit, verify it is on. Your system cycles based on a sensor you know as the thermostat. Verify that it is set in the cooling position. If it is in a small, isolated room, others may not cool properly. Consider having it moved to a larger space. Dirty filters and intakes prevent your system from pulling enough air to cool. Check your filters, and exchange them regularly to keep your home comfortable. Or consider upgrading to a media filter, which only requires semiannual attention. If your system starts and stops frequently, it may be too big, or a register could be blowing on a thermostat. Check that first. If your system seldom cycles off, you could have low refrigerant levels or faulty relay switches. Pooling water in your AC unit’s drip pan could mean a broken condensation pump or a blocked drain line. Either way, that water means it’s time to schedule service. You should consider installing a safety shut off switch that will turn the unit off if drain lines back up. If your system blows warm air, check that the outside unit is running, and that its air flow isn’t blocked by leaves or debris. If the fan on the outside unit isn’t turning, turn the thermostat fan switch to the off position. If the fan continues running, turn off your system breaker and schedule service. Your problem could be insufficient refrigerant. Your air conditioner is a closed system. If it’s low on refrigerant, you have a leak, which commonly occurs at valves or in the coil. Finding a leak is work for a professional. If your blower motor is running but not cooling, your system is probably frozen, and needs professional attention. Learn more in our Frozen System video. Even if you don’t need us right now, Boulden Brothers is here with our on-time guarantee. Our techs arrive when we say, or you don’t pay. It’s the Boulden Brothers promise, proudly kept since 1946. Be sure to check out more of our answer videos, here at

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