Our AC System rejuvenation gives your system new life

Why settle for another AC Tuneup?

Here’s a better idea: enjoy the life-extending benefits of a Boulden Brothers System Rejuvenation. For $79, a Boulden Brothers clean, screened, trained and timely techs goes way beyond where any check-up has gone before. Our goal: restore your air conditioning system close as humanly possible to factory fresh standards.

48 reasons your air conditioner would rather get a Boulden Brothers System Rejuvenation

We check the condenser outside you home, the evaporator inside—and everything in between; 48 points in all. We check your ducts, dampers, thermostats, filters, even your smoke detectors. Yeah, we’re that thorough. Sure, it takes out techs a little more time to do so much. But, it’s worth it because you stay comfortable and your system lives a longer life.

Get more cool for more years from your AC system

We refuse to use tune-ups as a repair and replacement prospecting tool. Instead, our Boulden Brothers System Rejuvenation helps you get more years from the system you have. By going the extra distance to be thorough, we’re able to ensure your AC system is healthy and strong enough to keep you cool all summer.

Set up your Boulden Brothers System Rejuvenation

A Boulden Brothers System Rejuvenation saves you money month after month

Aside from lower monthly energy costs, a Boulden Brothers System Rejuvenation saves you money. It helps prevent the needless repair costs that can happen without regular air conditioning system service. Best of all, you won’t have worries about your system calling it quits on the hottest day of the year. Who needs that?