Air Conditioning Maintenance

Replacing your air conditioner is expensive. Getting more life out of your system, on the other hand, is possible by doing your part. Hi, I’m Dan, your Boulden Brothers answer man. Taking better care of you is the Boulden Brothers way. That’s why we’ve put together this video. Filter maintenance is critical to helping your system operate efficiently. A dirty filter starves it for air, shortening its life. A 1-inch filter needs changing every 30 days. Media filters typically need only be changed every six months. Learn more about this by watching our video about air filter care tips. Next, check your outside unit’s air circulation. Clear away weeds and leaves. Make sure it doesn’t receive prolonged direct sunlight. It needs at least 2 feet of clearance around it and 4 feet above. Make sure inside vents are free of obstructions too. Free air circulation throughout your home helps your system perform better. You can also extend your air conditioner’s lifespan by keeping blinds or shades closed during the day, especially on windows receiving intense sun. Ceiling fans increase comfort by circulating air around you. But remember, since they don’t cool, switch fans off when leaving a room. Finally, help your system stay in balance by leaving interior doors open to rooms without a return. By the way, turning off your AC or letting your house warm up while you’re away does not save you money. In fact, it costs more to cool your home back down again and puts undue stress on your air conditioner. Since ductwork delivers cooling, have yours checked during seasonal checkups to make sure they’re free of leaks or obstructions. Ducts in attics or crawlspaces should be insulated. Getting these system checkups is key to prolonging your air conditioner’s life. They’re especially important prior to the summer cooling season. A routine check includes cleaning indoor and outdoor coils, cleaning the condensate drain, lubricating motors and bearings, cleaning and checking blowers and fans, inspecting controls, checking refrigerant and pressures, verifying operating temperatures, testing air flow, and of course, alerting you to any necessary repairs. Keeping your air conditioner running safely and efficiently matters because a clean system lasts longer, and that will save you money. Even if you don’t need us right now, Boulden Brothers is here with our on time guarantee. Our techs arrive when we say or you don’t pay. It’s the Boulden Brothers promise, proudly kept since 1946. Be sure to check out more of our answer videos here at

Of course, we don’t just install and repair air conditioning systems. We maintain them too. We want your AC system to last for many years, and run as efficiently as possible. Aside from lower monthly energy costs, homeowners who schedule regular maintenance will also find that they save a lot of money on repair costs in the long run, because a properly maintained system is far less prone to serious problems.